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    Welcome toCamilla L. Marquez, MD

    At Camilla L. Marquez, MD , we understand that there are a variety of conditions and health risks that can require the services of an OBGYN. In many cases, patients will not be sure of what they have before seeking treatment or assume that it is not anything serious. In reality, what may not seem too serious at first can be a dangerous health risk. Fortunately, we are here to help.

    With a variety of treatments and tests available, we can help ensure that people receive the necessary care for their needs. Our team of professionals strives to create a comfortable environment so that patients can receive personalized care. Give us a call to begin treatment today.

    Our Team

    Under the direction of Dr. Camilla L. Marquez, MD, we provide high-quality care in a comforting environment. Dealing with health issues that only an OBGYN can solve may be frightening since the issues are unfamiliar. Thus, we offer a comfortable environment to help you relax. We encourage all questions so that the patient will understand everything that is going on during the treatment. We will also go over follow-up care for the patient to keep up after the treatment. By providing treatment, answering any questions and addressing all concerns, we will help the patient leave our practice in a healthy state or arm them with the necessary tools to reach a healthy state.

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    Our Services

    We offer patients a variety of contraception, women’s health and OBGYN services. As an OBGYN, Dr. Marquez provides patients ovarian cyst treatments, C-sections, pap smears, STD testing, ovarian cancer treatment, cervical cancer treatment, HPV vaccine and vaginal hysterectomies. From the moment patients walk in the door to the follow-up care, if necessary, we provide patients high-quality treatment in a comfortable atmosphere. We can provide treatment for pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, female infections, endometriosis, heavy periods, pelvic pain, fibroids, menopause, pregnancy symptoms and osteoporosis. In some cases, patients may struggle with multiple symptoms or conditions at one time. We will identify these health issues and administer the most effective treatment.

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    Patient Information

    To begin the treatment process, we will have new patients fill out the “New Patient Information Form” covering a patient’s medical history, current condition, insurance information, allergies and any other pertinent information. The patient can fill this form out by printing it off of our website before the appointment. Once we gather all of this information, we will examine the patient and determine the most effective form of treatment. In some cases, the current health issue may be an underlying issue or symptom of another condition. In this case, we will recommend the most effective way to proceed and treat all issues. To begin the path to a healthier lifestyle, call us today.