An OB Can Provide You with a Cervical Cancer Treatment

An OB/GYN is the right provider to visit for a cervical cancer treatment. We typically work in conjunction with an oncologist so that our patients receive a better chance of recovery and healing.

Detecting cervical cancer

Initially, an OB/GYN provides the first line of defense when it comes to cervical cancer. This is because we conduct pap smears on a regular basis to identify whether or not the patient has any pre-cancerous cells in their cervix. We understand that a Pap smear is an often misunderstood test and so many women do not fully grasp the importance of having one. However, this is how we can detect cancer early.

As with any form of cancer, early detection is critical since it allows us to begin treatment right away. Our goal is to begin treatment before cancer spreads to other parts of the body. If we detect it early, a woman has a higher chance of beating the disease. However, if we do not catch cancer until later stages, the outcome may not be optimal.

Cervical cancer treatments

If a woman has cervical cancer, there are going to be multiple providers involved in the treatment, including our office. There are also multiple aspects to the overall treatment. From our perspective, we regularly complete surgery to try and remove cancer from the cervix.

Depending on how large the cancer is and how much it has spread, we may be able to use a minimally invasive procedure to do so. For example, it may be possible to use a laser treatment to address only certain parts of the cervix. In many cases, it is necessary to complete a hysterectomy. As an OB/GYN, this is a procedure that we complete on a regular basis due to cervical cancer and other possible health problems.

Simultaneously, an oncologist is likely to recommend radiation, chemotherapy or a combination of two in an attempt to kill any remaining cancer cells before they can spread elsewhere. We work very closely with the oncologist to coordinate treatments and give patients the best opportunity for beating the disease and recovering in a timely fashion.

Time is of the essence

It is crucial to identify and treat cervical cancer as quickly as possible. Ultimately, the sooner a woman knows that she has cancer, the faster we can remove the cancerous cells. If cancer reaches that point, it is far more difficult to treat and the likelihood of beating the disease is significantly lower.

Therefore, we continue to recommend that women visit our office for a pap smear on a regular basis and contact us if anything feels out of sorts. If cancer is then detected, it allows us to begin the treatment immediately. This is true even if any pre-cancerous cells are detected. To schedule an examination or to discuss treatment options in greater detail, call us today.

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