An OBGYN on Common Myths about Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, an OBGYN can help you navigate the complex world of pregnancy. Often with this happy news comes a surplus of unwanted advice from friends and family and confusing old wives’ tales. While old wives’ tales can be fun, there is little to zero truth associated with them. Continue reading to learn more about some common myths associated with pregnancy and baby gender. 

Myths about Pregnancy

Carrying low

Many women hear “if you’re carrying low, you’re having a boy,” while this is a funny saying, it is not exactly accurate. Where a woman “carries” her baby on her body depends on muscle tone, how many pregnancies she’s had and her height and age. 

Linea negra

The linea negra is a dark line that appears often from the rib cage to the bottom of the uterus. The wives’ tale states that if the line is only from the belly button to the bottom of the uterus, the woman is having a girl, but if it is from the rib cage to the uterus, the woman is having a boy. This line affects nearly 75% of pregnant women, but it is caused by the darkening pigment changes that can occur on the face and nipples during pregnancy and has nothing to do with baby gender. 


During pregnancy, a woman may crave a wide variety of unusual-for-her things. Because of these odd cravings, people like to give them an explanation in the form of sweet cravings equal having a girl while salty and protein-rich foods equal having a boy. There are many reasons for cravings, the most important of which is that what a woman craves during pregnancy could be related to what her body needs. This is why it is so important to have a well-rounded, nutrient-dense diet during pregnancy.  

Showing early

Women who show early have often been told it is because they are having a girl when really it can be related to abdominal muscle tone, height, body type and having multiple pregnancies. 

Carrying weight

Whether a woman carries weight all in front or all over her body has nothing to do with baby gender. The wives’ tale says all in front means a baby boy is coming and all over the body means a baby girl is coming. In reality, where a woman carries weight depends entirely on her body type and how much weight she gains overall. 

Moodiness and morning sickness

The wives’ tale states that moodiness and morning sickness is likely the result of being pregnant with a girl. The reason is that extra female hormones bring on these phenomena. The truth is that most pregnant women have moodiness and morning sickness which is entirely related to the normal changing hormone levels of pregnancy, not whether or not she is having a girl. 

The only real way to find out the gender of your baby is to take a blood test or wait and see the baby’s gender on an ultrasound. Guessing is fun, but an appointment with an OBGYN will be informative and give you the facts. 

Learn the truth

To get more pregnancy facts - call us to speak with an OBGYN!

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