Visit an Obstetrician Early and Often – It’s Important for the Health of You and Baby

We help women to improve their health during visits to our obstetrician office. After treating women for years, it has become apparent that many are unsure when is the right time to call and schedule an appointment. Therefore, some women do not see an OB/GYN until much later in their pregnancy.

This can be problematic because there is a lot of development that happens with the baby from the moment it is first conceived. Waiting until a woman is in her second trimester, for example, to begin receiving care could negatively impact her and the baby's health. For this reason, we recommend calling our office and scheduling an appointment right away.

Call after the test has come back positive

Most at-home pregnancy tests are effective for accurately determining if a woman is pregnant. However, they can make mistakes. Therefore, we recommend scheduling an appointment after a pregnancy test has come back positive. Note that on the first appointment, we will conduct our own test to make sure that the patient really is pregnant.

That first appointment is typically around eight weeks, so one cycle after the first missed period. We will find out the results immediately and if a woman is pregnant, begin providing treatment on a set plan.

Ongoing care is important

We recommend that women have an appointment with an obstetrician around eight weeks of pregnancy and then continue to visit our office until six weeks postpartum. It is very important for us to monitor the health of mom and baby throughout the entire pregnancy.

Because of this, we suggest ongoing care on a monthly, bi-weekly and then weekly basis, depending on how far along the patient is. The closer a patient gets to delivering her baby, the more frequently we will need to examine her.

Why it is important to visit an obstetrician early and often

Many women wonder why it is even necessary to visit a doctor so soon and to continue with appointments. After all, isn't the doctor only needed when the baby is born? No. This cannot be further from the truth. An obstetrician is necessary from the very beginning to ensure that there are no complications that could pose a health risk to mom or baby.

For example, it is possible for women to develop gestational diabetes. This could go undiagnosed without regular medical care. If a woman develops this condition, it could put her health at risk and also lead to things like pre-term labor or a baby that is overly large in size. Another concern is preeclampsia which can cause immediate and sometimes fatal problems to mom and baby.

By seeing patients regularly, conducting necessary tests and lab work, we can identify when there is a problem and take steps to rectify it so that mom and baby have the best chance of finishing the pregnancy healthy.

Schedule an appointment

If you are pregnant, we encourage you to call our office and schedule an appointment with an obstetrician right away. We will be happy to conduct an examination, answer questions and provide medical care and guidance throughout the course of your pregnancy. Get started by calling today.

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