When to See an Infertility Doctor

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Thinking you may need the help of an infertility doctor? When you have been trying to conceive for many months and the results come back negative, it just may be time for you and your partner to undergo a general health evaluation. Everyone is different, which means it may take you longer to conceive than others. In order for you to understand when you and/or your partner might be in need of an infertility doctor so you can conceive a child, you will need to read the information below.

What does an infertility doctor do?

Learning more about what an infertility doctor can do for you is a great idea when you are experiencing difficulty conceiving. An infertility doctor is a professional who has received training on issues that can lead to a woman’s infertility. They will start the process by using simple tests to figure out what is preventing a woman from becoming pregnant and if necessary, more detailed tests. Once the reason for infertility is found, the doctor will inform on what the options are based on their findings.

When to see an infertility doctor

The following is a list of information that lets someone knows that it is time for them to make an appointment with an infertility doctor.

They are over the age of 35

A woman’s age is one of the biggest factors when it comes to her achieving a successful pregnancy. She has the highest chances of becoming pregnant between the ages of 20 and 30. Once a woman reaches the age of 35, she no longer produces as many eggs as she used to. Her eggs will also begin to lower in their quality around this time, making it more difficult for her to conceive.

They have not conceived in 12 months

When a woman stops using birth control and there is no conception within 12 months, it is time for her to see an infertility doctor. It normally takes up to six months for a woman to conceive. When she has not conceived in 12 months’ time, she needs to be seen by a professional to find out why. The results will determine what the next step will be.

They have a chronic medical condition

Women who have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition will also often experience fertility issues. Some of the more common medical conditions that can get in the way of a woman’s fertility include diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, thyroid problems and genetic disorders.

Need to make a fertility appointment?

Now that you understand when to see an infertility doctor, do you need to make an appointment today? If you have been trying to conceive for at least 12 months, are over the age of 35 and/or have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition, then the sooner you call us to make an appointment with our infertility doctor, the better. You will need to be fully evaluated, which will allow our experienced doctor to understand more about the reason why you are experiencing difficulties when trying to conceive.

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