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The assistance of healthcare professionals at your OBGYN will prove essential to your health and well-being. Do not hesitate to visit with these healthcare experts at regular intervals. Adhere to a regular schedule of OBGYN visits and you will ensure your body remains as healthy as possible. This is the peace of mind every woman needs and deserves.

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As an OBGYN, we offer a variety of women’s health services. We perform everything from preventive care exams to surgical procedures at our practice. Whether you are experiencing bleeding, pain, urinary incontinence, require a complicated surgery or simply need a regular checkup, your OBGYN will provide the service. OBGYN women’s health services also extend to testing for STDs, providing birth control, treating menopausal problems, screening for cancer, annual mammograms and beyond.

Whether you are going through puberty, menopause or a period of time in between these stages, you will find the women’s health services at our OBGYN to be invaluable. If you are in need of general or specific information regarding any of the services listed above or anything else related to women’s health, do not hesitate to ask the healthcare experts at our OBGYN.


If you have urinary incontinence, there is no reason to be shy. Let a healthcare professional at our OBGYN know about the problem so that we can analyze your medical history and symptoms. Aggravating and relieving factors will be reviewed. A urinalysis and culture will likely be conducted. A physical exam including a pelvic muscle assessment will help pinpoint the underlying causes of the incontinence.

If necessary, surgery will be performed to rectify the problem. It is possible that you are suffering from severe vaginitis, dermatitis, atrophy of the vulva, a uterine prolapse or a urethral diverticulum. Perhaps you will benefit from physical therapy, lifestyle alterations or other changes.


If you believe you have an infection, do not panic. There are numerous treatment options available at our OBGYN for female infections. Whether it is a yeast infection, Gardnerella, a bladder infection, an infection during pregnancy, or a sexually transmitted infection, we must evaluate your health condition. We will perform a diagnosis in order to develop a treatment plan.

Obtaining the assistance of a healthcare professional at our OBGYN is especially important for those who are pregnant and suffering from an infection. People who have a severe or recurring infection should not delay in obtaining assistance. The proper medical care will help eliminate the infection as quickly as possible so you can return to your normal lifestyle with peace of mind and body.


Heavy menstrual bleeding is not something to ignore or continue struggling on a regular basis. something you should have to live with just because you are a woman. Treatments like endometrial ablation are available at our OBGYN. Such heavy bleeding typically occurs during periods when women reach their 30s and 40s or when approaching menopause. Signs of abnormally heavy bleeding include having to change one’s tampon every hour during the day, getting up in the middle of the night to change pads, missing time at work and skipping activities/hobbies due to bleeding concerns.

About 20 percent of women endure heavy menstrual bleeding at some point in life. Such bleeding can lead to a loss of iron and the development of anemia. Furthermore, heavy bleeding is frustrating. Taking control of these problems starts with a visit to our OBGYN. It is possible you have a hormone imbalance, are not ovulating each month, have an abnormal growth in your uterus or have uterine fibroids. We must conduct the tests to determine the true problem. Medication has the potential to solve the problem yet a surgical procedure might be necessary.


The health experts at your OBGYN can help you manage your menopause. This guidance will help reduce the severity of menopause symptoms and ultimately improve your quality of life. Let our women’s health experts help you manage menopause wisely and you will make the most of the remaining decades you have ahead. Our OBGYN healthcare providers are trained to counsel women about treatment options including dietary changes, herbal remedies, natural remedies, bio-identical hormones, exercise and hormone replacement therapy options.


Fibroids are the most common tumors in the female reproductive system. They are compact and firm tumors comprised of fibrous connective tissue and muscle cells that develop within the uterus. Fibroids are as large as a softball or as small as an orange. Over 99 percent of fibroids are benign. If the fibroids are large or cause severe symptoms, treatment will be necessary. Treatment options include anti-inflammatory painkillers, a hysterectomy in which we surgically remove the uterus, conservative surgical therapy to leave the uterus intact but remove the fibroids, anti-hormonal agents and GnRH agonists to reduce estrogen levels and shrink the fibroids.


Our OBGYN conducts Pap smear screening tests to detect precancerous or cancerous changes within the cervix. The cells that make up the cervix are naturally shed. They are gathered during the Pap smear and analyzed under a microscope for abnormalities. Every woman who is 18 years of age or older or sexually active should have a yearly PAP smear performed at our OBGYN.

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