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Signs You Should Visit A Gynecologist

3 Signs You Should Visit A Gynecologist

Annual checkups with a gynecologist allow for preventive treatment and early detection of health problems. However, there are times when these routine visits are not enough. Certain issues and life changes require a visit to the gynecologist between regular checkups.While waiting until one’s next annual checkup may be okay, scheduling a visit between these appointments…

What Causes Uterine Prolapse?

What Causes Uterine Prolapse?

It is common for women to develop some form of uterine prolapse, especially as they age. Though it often does not cause symptoms, in some cases, this condition can be embarrassing, cause discomfort, and interfere with daily life. However, understanding the causes behind uterine prolapse can help women with prevention and treatment.The uterus is a female sex organ…